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McLaren Group Construction is a leading name in the construction industry. We worked together to rebuild McLaren Group website, utilising Prismic CMS as a Headless CMS and NextJS on the JAMstack architecture. This case study highlights our journey in delivering a handcrafted, highly performant, and user-friendly website that showcases their construction projects, sectors, and industries to the world.

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Revving Up McLaren Group’s Digital Engine with Advanced Technologies

We dove headfirst into the world of JAMstack architecture, recognising its potential for boosting website speed, enhancing security, and improving SEO. By utilising Next.js for the frontend, we ensured that McLarenGroup’s website wasn’t just about speed; it was also about delivering a smooth, interactive user experience.

Prismic CMS with Slice Machine was our choice for content management, enabling McLarenGroup’s admin and editors to build and edit web pages effortlessly. This flexibility in content management mirrors the precision and adaptability found in McLarenGroup’s own ethos.

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The Challenge

McLaren Group needed a website that not only showcased their expertise in construction but also delivered swift and efficient performance to serve a global audience. An intuitive, user-friendly design was key to effectively engaging and informing visitors, ensuring a seamless online experience. Additionally, they required a flexible content management system (CMS), allowing for easy updates and maintenance to accurately reflect their vast and evolving portfolio, thus keeping their digital presence as dynamic and robust as their projects.

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The Solutions

Optimised Web Architecture and CMS Integration

Saigon Digital opted for a JAMstack architecture, leveraging NextJS to achieve optimal performance. This strategic choice allowed us to pre-render web pages, significantly reducing loading times and guaranteeing a smooth online experience for users. Integrating Prismic CMS was a crucial aspect of our solution, providing McLaren Group with an effortless content management system. This headless CMS solution enabled us to develop a customised content structure that perfectly aligned with their unique requirements.

Bespoke Design and User-Centric Experience

Our team crafted a visually striking design that encapsulated McLaren's excellence in construction. The focus on user-centric design principles was pivotal, ensuring that each visitor to the site enjoyed a seamless and intuitive experience. We also developed a specialised Projects section, dedicated to showcasing the diverse range of McLaren Group projects. This section highlighted each project in detail, supported by engaging visuals that captured the essence of their work.


The website featured distinct sections highlighting McLaren’s involvement across various construction sectors and industries, offering visitors a thorough understanding of their wide-ranging expertise. To ensure the website stood up to the demands of a global audience, we employed meticulous performance optimisation techniques. These efforts resulted in a website that not only loaded quickly but also offered effortless navigation, thereby enhancing the overall user experience on a global scale.

Enhanced User Experience Through Intuitive Design

The revamp of the McLaren Group website brought about a significant enhancement in the user experience, marked by intuitive design and superior performance. This transformation ensures a seamless, engaging journey for visitors, reflecting McLaren's commitment to detail and excellence. The user-centric design approach has elevated the ease of navigation, making the website both visually compelling and straightforward to use.

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Showcasing Expertise with Seamless Content Management

The new sections dedicated to Projects, Sectors, and Industries effectively highlight McLaren Group diverse range of expertise, thereby widening audience engagement. Integration of Prismic CMS has revolutionised content management, empowering the McLaren team to easily update and maintain the website. This keeps the site’s content current and in sync with their latest projects and achievements, maintaining a dynamic and forward-looking digital presence.

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By integrating these technologies, we didn't just revamp a website; we turbocharged it. The focus was on not just meeting but exceeding performance benchmarks. This resulted in a significant increase in the overall Lighthouse score and Core Web Vitals performance, indicators of a site that loads faster, is more interactive and offers greater stability.

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Saigon Digital's partnership with McLaren Group resulted in the successful redevelopment of their website. Our JAMstack architecture, Prismic CMS integration, and bespoke design approach led to a highly performant, user-friendly, and engaging website. We are proud to have delivered a digital platform that reflects the construction excellence synonymous with McLaren Group Construction. This case study really highlights how we're all about building digital solutions that not only hit the mark but go the extra mile, especially when it comes to the construction industry.

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Thoughts from McLaren

“It has been a pleasure to work with Saigon Digital over the past year, their contributions have been truly exceptional. The team is very responsive and so efficient in delivering website requests, and despite the time difference, the turnaround for everything was so quick. They take the time to understand your business needs and suggest digital solutions that will help you get closer to your goals while offloading some of the pressures that digital marketing brings.

The team has been great at collaborating and sharing their expertise with our internal team, providing us with a simple breakdown of the key elements to look out for when measuring our website performance and ensuring we had the tools to measure success.

I’m sure this is only the beginning of our working relationship with Saigon Digital, but I’d like to send a special thank you to the team: Forrest, Nick, and Jonas, you have been an absolute pleasure to work with. I have no doubt that you will continue to excel in your future endeavours.”

Layla Reynolds

Communications Business Partner at McLaren Group

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