Bespoke, WordPress Development

A modern web development architecture based on client-side JavaScript, reusable APIs, and prebuilt Markup. There is pretty much nothing you can’t achieve with this tech stack.

Our in-house developers have been using WordPress as part of their toolkit since the early days of the original blogging platform. There isn’t much we can’t do with the open source software.

Our clients and developers love working with WordPress, there’s a reason why it has over 60% market share on the world wide web.

More recently, with the explosion of the Jamstack headless technology, Saigon Digital leverages modern frameworks and development workflows to harness the power of the backend of the Content Editing Experience of WordPress whilst developing with the tools and frameworks we love and enjoy, it’s a win win situation!

Sometimes WordPress gets a bad reputation, this is simply due to market share and the ease of access, low barriers to entry it has - in turn this means lots of people contribute to the open source community, developing plugins or themes"which are bloated, not performant and don’t get updated

If you give the right tools to the right team, anything is possible. Saigon Digital can build pretty much anything with WordPress, be it a custom integration with your favourite third-party service or API, bespoke theme development, etc we can help you achieve that.

Tailored WordPress Development

Bespoke Development

We develop custom bespoke themes from the ground up. Have a design that you need to bring to life? We can translate that into a fully functional WordPress theme for you.

Continuous Improvement

Growth driven development with continuous improvement for optimum results, once your website is launched, it’s only the beginning of the journey.

Technical SEO

Well organised, structured on page SEO for optimum organic presence to allow your business to be visible to search engines.

Flexible Content Editing Experience

We craft excellent, tailored content editing experiences so your team has a delightful time adding content to the platform.

Blazing fast frontend

Because we develop using the latest tools and frameworks, you can be sure that our development practices are future proof and performant.

Enjoying working with the tools you love

WordPress as a CMS is flexible, easy to use, significantly cost-effective and can be customised according to your every requirement. We build bespoke and pixel perfect tailored WordPress solutions for our clients, so find out how we can help today.


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