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Mandala Partners, an economic, policy, and regulatory consultancy, needed a dynamic, user-friendly, and professional website to strengthen their brand and enhance their communication with clients. They sought to build a unique and customiststsed website that would stand out in their field.

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A JAMstack delivery of the best tools available

Saigon Digital teamed up with Mandala Partners to deliver a tailored solution. We adopted one of our favourite tech stacks, including NextJS alongside Tailwind UI for the frontend and Sanity CMS for the backend.

Our focus was on creating a responsive and user-friendly UI and developing a flexible content editing system. To bring the website to life, our team added in the GSAP Animation Framework to add in performant and sleek animations across that site that resonated with the professional look and feel of Mandala brand.

Technologies used:


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The Challenge

With no existing website, the project required a strategic approach right from the start.

Saigon Digital was entrusted with the responsibility to design and develop the entire website from scratch, keeping in mind Mandalas’s unique business requirements, industry standards, and the need for a high-performing and visually compelling digital platform.

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We solve economic, policy and regulatory problems

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We use novel data and strategy for the changing world

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AI Human Capital Investment Index

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Proven strategy consulting methods

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Expert advice in regulatory and policy strategy

The Approach

Saigon Digital teamed up with Mandala Partners to deliver a tailored solution. We adopted a new tech stack, including NextJS for the frontend and Sanity CMS for the backend. Our focus was on creating a responsive and user-friendly UI and developing a flexible content editing system.

The Solutions

To overcome this challenge, Mandala sought to create a brand-new website that would serve as their digital storefront and effectively communicate their value proposition to the target audience.

They wanted a website that exuded professionalism, reflected their brand identity, and provided a seamless user experience.  The new website would help position Mandala as a reputable and reliable financial advisory firm, capable of delivering exceptional services to businesses worldwide.


The collaboration between Saigon Digital and Mandala resulted in bringing the new brand and UI to life in the digital space. The new website boasts lightning-fast load times, captivating animations, and seamless interactions. Content management is now effortless, empowering the Mandala team to update and publish content independently using Sanity’s Content Studio.

A new look for Mandala

From brief to reality - a professional and industry-leading look and feel for the new website.

The end result was a visually stunning, user-friendly, and high-performing website that reflected the client's brand values, captured their target audience's attention, and positioned them as leaders in their industry.

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Next level Content Management has empowered Mandalas team with a user-friendly interface, flexible content management, collaboration capabilities, and the ability to deliver consistent and structured data which is inline with their brand guidelines.

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Seamless Typeform Integration

Typeform's interactive forms allowed the website to capture leads more effectively.

The dynamic and engaging nature of Typeform's forms encouraged visitors to provide their information willingly, leading to a higher conversion rate for lead generation campaigns.

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Interactive Data Visualisation

The Mandala website includes interactive charts using Flourish enabling data-driven storytelling and effective communication for their reports which they publish on the website.

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The Results

The collaboration resulted in a dynamic and user-friendly website that aligns well with the client's goals. The new site offers a unique and professional interface that allows for easy content updates and reuse of developed components.

Mandala and their team were very satisfied with the final product, which helped them brand themselves and facilitate more conversations with their clients.

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Thoughts from the Mandala Team

We worked with Saigon Digital over many months to design and deploy our new website. Saigon Digital designed us a website that is unique, customised, and professional - that we have received positive feedback on all round. Working with Saigon Digital was easy and they are highly responsive and push to deliver great quality.

Hayley Winchcombe

Associate at Mandala Partners

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