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Empowering Global Bridging: Gremlin Works Case Study


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Welcome to the Gremlin Works case study. Gremlin Works, a comprehensive digital agency with bases in the UK and Taiwan, embarked on a journey to transcend geographical boundaries. Their goal? To seamlessly merge Western and Eastern brand messaging into highly converting digital experiences.


Bridging West and East Digitally for Gremlin Works

Saigon Digital collaborated closely with Gremlin Works to craft a bespoke solution that transcends borders. Leveraging our preferred tech stack, we seamlessly integrated Next.js for a lightning-fast frontend and harnessed Tailwind UI for adaptable styling. Complementing this, Strapi CMS empowered effortless backend management.

Our top priority was creating a responsive, user-friendly UI that harmonised with a flexible content editing system. To breathe life into the website, we used GSAP to implement creative animations and captivating on-page scrolling effects.

The synergy of Next.js, Strapi, Tailwind, Vercel, Heroku, Cloudinary, Postgres, HubSpot, and GreenSock JS (GSAP) culminated in a digital masterpiece. This case study underlines our ability to blend innovation, technology, and aesthetics, resulting in a cohesive digital ecosystem for Gremlin Works.

Technologies used:


Optimised User-Experience with Google Lighthouse

Google Lighthouse is an open-source tool for website performance, auditing pages for performance, accessibility, SEO, Progressive Web App and Best Practices.

Using Google Lighthouse as a benchmark, we make sure that Gremlin's website is performing flawlessly with excellent scores.

Here is the performance results: Google Lighthouse Report






Best Practices



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The Challenge

With Gremlin Works' expertise in full-service solutions, they shared their unique vision to position themselves as one of the finest agencies in branding, marketing, and web design. The project highly requires a multilingual, SEO-optimised, and high-performance website, seamlessly fusing technology and aesthetics for blazing performance.

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Gremlin Works Digital Marketing Success Stories

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The Solutions

Saigon Digital embarked on this cross-cultural endeavour by harnessing Next.JS, a robust React framework, to ensure swift, SEO-friendly, and feature-rich web applications. To provide a top-notch CMS experience, we incorporated Strapi, a customisable and lightweight platform, allowing for tailored content management while embracing seamless editing.
For the design, we hononed the client's vision, implementing creative animations using the dynamic GreenSock JS (GSAP). Form submissions found their ally in HubSpot, facilitating smooth interactions for users. Additionally, we employed the innovative Partytown library, utilising its web worker technology to elevate the website's overall performance.

case study
case study


Collaborated with Gremlin Works to orchestrate a bespoke solution. Leveraging our preferred tech stack, we seamlessly integrated Next.js for a lightning fast frontend & Tailwind UI for adaptable styling. Complementing this, Strapi CMS empowered effortless backend management.

Technologies in Harmony: Functionality and Form

  • Functionality-wise, our marriage of multilingual capability, SEO optimisation, high performance, and the agility of a Headless CMS resonated with the client's aspirations.
  • Tailwind delivered adaptable styling, while Vercel, Heroku, and Cloudinary facilitated impeccable deployment and hosting. The database foundation lay in Postgres, with every element tied together seamlessly.
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Result to Bridge Continents

  • The collaborative synergy between Gremlin Works and Saigon Digital bore fruit in a sophisticated website that effortlessly transcends cultural boundaries.
  • The tailored design brought the client's vision to life, while our meticulous technological orchestration ensured performance, stability, and a seamless user experience.
  • By utilising JAMstack architecture, Strapi, and creative animations, we engineered an impeccable online presence for Gremlin Works.
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Monorepo: Our Architectural Triumph

At Saigon Digital, we championed a monorepo architecture, consolidating all front-end and back-end codes in a unified hub. This approach not only streamlined development but also exemplified our commitment to holistic, efficient solutions.

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The Results

The Gremlin Works case exemplifies how Saigon Digital's expertise enhances global businesses, bridging cultural divides through seamless technology and captivating design. This case study stands as a testament to our commitment to delivering impactful digital transformations that transcend borders.

We’ve compiled an overview of the
basic services offered by brand design into our world.

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Thoughts from the Gremlin Work

We've been working with Nick and the team at Saigon for a while now. We keep coming back to them because we know that projects will be handled professionally and that we can trust them to do a standup job without trying to cut corners or overcharge. Having worked in this industry for a while now, I can say it's pretty rare to find a quality partner like this who can handle jobs smoothly and with good comms.

Dylan Porter

Taiwan Country Manager at Gremlin Works

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