By Nicholas Rowe,

April 02, 2024

A Definitive Guide for the Perfect Content Management System (CMS)

Choosing the ideal Content Management System (CMS) is a pivotal decision that can profoundly influence your project’s success. In an era where transforming into a digital-first business is imperative for competitiveness, mastering content management with adaptable software becomes crucial. At Saigon Digital, we partner with top-tier CMS providers like Sanity, Strapi, Prismic, industry leaders like Gatsby, Netlify, and more, we are well-equipped to steer you through this essential decision-making journey.

A Definitive Guide for the Perfect Content Management System (CMS)

In this article, we delve into the crucial factors to contemplate when selecting a CMS and showcase real-world instances of successful implementations tailored to specific project needs.

Client Testimonials

Our partnerships with a diverse range of clients, including Sova, McLaren Group, Gremlin Works, Celerity UK, Saigon Baigur and more, are a testament to our proficiency in delivering bespoke CMS solutions that align with unique project requirements, drive digital transformation, and deliver amazing customer experiences.

Our clients have achieved impressive results with Content Management System solutions. For example, Sova improved content editor efficiency with Strapi’s intuitive interface, while McLaren gained flexibility for a personalised user experience using Prismic.

Key Considerations for Content Management System Selection

1. Content Editor Experience:

A Content Management System should provide an intuitive and streamlined content management experience for editors and administrators alike. With customers demanding personalized experiences, your CMS should consolidate all their interactions across various touchpoints.

For instance, Strapi CMS was selected to meet Sova’s Content Editor’s requirements, delivering an intuitive and efficient content management solution tailored to their needs.

2. Functionality and Flexibility:

Assess the CMS’s feature set, customisation capabilities, and scalability to ensure it aligns with both current and future project needs. In a constantly evolving technological landscape, the Content Management System should be flexible enough to adapt to changes and facilitate automation, personalisation, and advanced analytics.

McLaren Group opted for Prismic CMS as a Headless CMS with Slice Machine, facilitating adaptable content management that resonated with their distinct requirements and organisational ethos.

3. Customisation and Bespoke Solutions:

Opt for a CMS that offers extensive customisation and bespoke solutions to cater to your specific project needs. As globalisation necessitates content in multiple languages and countries, a robust CMS like Strapi, with its customisability and lightweight nature, enables tailored content management solutions to fit unique project requirements like managing localised content in multiple languages.

4. Integration and Compatibility:

Select a Content Management System that integrates seamlessly with your current systems, tools, and technologies. With technology constantly changing and becoming more complex, the CMS should support integrations with emerging technologies like voice assistants, wearables, and the Internet of Things (IoT).

Celerity opted for WordPress & Gatsby.js, capitalising on their seamless integration as a Headless CMS and leveraging Saigon Digital’s proficiency in the Gatsby data layer & GraphQL in conjunction with WordPress.

5. User Experience and Usability:

Emphasize user experience and intuitiveness when choosing a CMS to guarantee optimal usability for content editors and end-users alike. Matching content with context has become essential for e-commerce, and your CMS should account for how people are consuming content at each step of their customer journey. was chosen by Saigon Baigur to create a fluid and intuitive content management experience, enhancing efficiency and user satisfaction within their team.


Choosing the perfect CMS involves multifaceted considerations spanning content editor experience, functionality, customisation, integration, and user experience. As data-driven insights become key to connecting with customers, a Content Management System with powerful analytics features will help you manage and make sense of the vast amount of data at hand.

We harness our extensive expertise, collaborative ethos, and commitment to innovation, client success, and excellence to assist clients in making informed decisions and implementing CMS solutions tailored to their unique project requirements and objectives. Our unwavering commitment ensures that we deliver CMS solutions that not only meet but surpass expectations, empowering businesses to thrive and excel in today’s competitive digital arena.

At Saigon Digital, your success is our utmost priority. We are devoted to guiding you through every stage of selecting and implementing the optimal CMS for your project, ensuring it accommodates more ambitious digital experiences in the new digital future.


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