By Jonas Hoener,

July 28, 2023

The Power of AI: Boosting Productivity and Transforming Workplaces

Generative artificial intelligence (AI) is much more than a mere buzzword. Recent research from the National Bureau of Economic Research illustrates its tangible impact on business productivity.

In a study analysing an AI-based conversational assistant using a sample of 5,179 customer support agents, a reported 14% increase in issues resolved per hour was observed. The AI application not only enhanced customer sentiment but also significantly improved employee retention and reduced the need for managerial intervention.

The power of AI was particularly beneficial for novice and low-skilled workers. By unlocking the tacit knowledge of experienced colleagues, the AI model accelerated these new entrants’ learning curve, enabling them to achieve performance levels similar to their more skilled counterparts.

Key Takeaways
  • Harness the Power of AI: Professionals who can adeptly utilise large language models, such as OpenAI’s GPT-4, are likely to gain a competitive advantage, according to industry leaders like Egor Nazarov, Chief Marketing Officer at Soter Analytics.
  • Adopt AI for Work Optimisation: By converting AI instructions into code, organisations can automate tasks such as summarising meeting notes or updating CRM databases. This not only optimises workflows but also frees up employees for more strategic tasks.
  • Embrace AI as a Co-Pilot: Cliff Jurkiewicz, Vice President of Global Strategy for Phenom, suggests viewing generative AI as a “co-pilot” or “cobot”. Those who resist this technology may find themselves at a disadvantage as AI becomes increasingly central to most professions.
  • Understand AI’s Impact on SEO: Generative AI is reshaping industries, including altering the dynamics of search engine optimisation. AI influences content discovery and ranking, and platforms like Bing utilise AI models like GPT-4 to generate coherent responses.
  • Balance AI with Human Intuition: AI should be used as a tool to enhance, not replace, human intuition and judgement. A balanced approach combines the strength of AI with human expertise for maximum productivity.

AI has undoubtedly shown its transformative potential. However, the transition to AI-powered operations should be mindful and balanced, ensuring that the human element remains integral to business processes.

At Saigon Digital, we specialise in helping businesses navigate the complexities of AI integration. By providing bespoke AI solutions tailored to specific needs, we boost productivity and operations. Our approach combines the innovative capabilities of AI with the intuitive ingenuity of humans to shape the workplaces of the future.


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