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Dynamic and personalised content on the Jamstack

Serverless and edge functions allow you to deliver content to your site’s
visitors with speed and personalization

Headless CMS with Gatsby, React and WordPress technology.

The term Jamstack sounds a little strange, especially considering it’s now a
common phrase used around the web. “JAMstack” simply stands for JavaScript, API & Markup.

What makes your website tick? Performance and Optimization

In today’s current world web users are impatient and want things to work and
work fast.

What is and why use a Discovery Phase – Saigon Digital’s take on an important step in every project

At the beginning of every project, you’ll need to know what the project is about, its target audience, goals and many more details to make the project a success.

Why page speed matters: Website loading times and page speed optimisation

Here at Saigon Digital, we make sure the websites we build are loading as fast as possible whilst still providing a fantastic user experience to its end users.

The WordPress Gutenberg Developer Series: Part 1 – Guten, what?

This blog post series we will deep dive into the new WordPress Editor, Gutenberg.

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