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As part of our Business Growth Accelerator harness the power of your data and get real-time analytics and insights with our Performance Dashboard.


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Our free Site Audit is tailored to boost your website's potential. The Report will provide areas of imorovement and a clear, easy-to-implement plan of action.


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Centralised Data Visualisation

The SD Performance Dashboard provides a centralised platform for visualising and analysing data from Google Analytics and Google Search Console.

It allows you to view your website's data in interactive dashboards and reports that combine data from multiple sources, giving you a comprehensive view of your website's performance and user behaviour.

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Saigon Digital Performance Dashboard

The Performance Dashboard is built on Google Looker Studio and enables our clients to leverage their data effectively, gain insights , and make data-driven decisions.

It combines powerful analytics capabilities with ease of use, collaboration features, and robust security, making it a comprehensive solution for data analysis and visualisation.

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Customisable Reporting

Performance Dashboard integrates with Googles Looker Studio and enables you to create highly customisable reports tailored to your specific needs.

You can choose from a wide range of visualisation options, such as charts, graphs, and tables, and easily customise the layout and appearance of your reports. This flexibility allows you to present data in a way that is meaningful and actionable for your business.

Site Audit & Technical SEO

Is your website performing at its best?
Don't leave your online success to chance. Introducing Saigon Digital’s Site Audits and Technical SEO, an all in one solution designed to supercharge your website's SEO and performance.

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Site Audits & Technical SEO

Key Concepts



Search engines send bots (also known as crawlers or spiders) to explore and understand your website. Technical SEO ensures that these bots can easily navigate and access all your website's pages, including important content.



Once the bots crawl your site, they index its pages in their databases. Technical SEO helps ensure that your content is structured and organized in a way that search engines can easily categorize and present to users in search results.


Website Speed

Page loading speed is crucial for user experience and SEO. Technical SEO addresses factors that contribute to slow loading times, such as code optimization, image compression, and minimizing server response times.


Mobile Friendliness

With the majority of internet users accessing websites through mobile devices, ensuring your site is responsive & mobile-friendly is essential. Technical SEO focuses on optimising your site's design and functionality for various screen sizes.


Website Architecture

Technical SEO involves creating a clear and logical website structure, making it easier for both users and search engines to navigate through your content.

Our Process

We understand your goals, tailor a growth strategy, and track progress. Your success is our mission.


SD Dashboard Setup and Onboarding

Initial consultation to understand what the main KPI's and Metrics you and your business want to measure. From there, let Saigon Digital set up a customised Dashboard that will give you the insights and data you want.

Site Audits & Technical SEO

  • Don't let technical glitches hinder your website's potential. Saigon Digital will provide insightful reports that which can then be analysed and actioned, may it be content recommendations or technical SEO improvements.
  • Actionable Reports - Our detailed reports provide clear action steps to tackle issues head-on and drive improvements.

Checkins and Monitoring

Based on the initial consultation and the delivery plan, Saigon Digital will host meetings to check in on the performance and website health and make informed decisions based on the data and metrics obtained.
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Celerity - Case Study

Success with Business Growth Accelerator


Dive into Celerity's success story. With our thorough site audits and dynamic SD Performance Dashboard, we've turbocharged their growth and decision-making.

Discover how our Business Growth Accelerator can evolve your success too. Read More







Best Practices



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Real Success Stories

Thoughts from the Celerity Team

Saigon Digital's technical expertise has transformed Celerity's digital presence - the development of our new website has resulted in improvements across user experience, lead generation, and organic search performance. If we need advice or assistance, the response is immediate - it's like having an extension to the team.

Callum Graham-Rack

Marketing Assistant at Celerity UK

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